Update of sorts

I’ve been spending my time ruminating and reading. There’s just so many books to read. I’ll alternate between my kindle fire and nook I’ve read five books thus far.

Life is rolling along. I don’t feel so bat shit crazy as I was previously. Safely the dangerous has passed.

I’m considering lines of work, although I know much will come of it.

I was touch and go for some time. Then I had a Eureka moment and started planning the next ten years of life.

I’m in good spirits, albeit with a few reservations.

My cousin is visiting the United States next of the end of the month. I will take her sight-seeing and a broadway music.

My spirits are mellow with a twinge of assertion. I’m getting a new car at the beginning of the next year.

I haven’t decided it will be returning to school yet. Probably not. I don’t want to be around hormonal co-eds. My edification will be sought taught.

Well, that’s about all for now.


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