I spent most of the day working on my ginormous garden. It’s absolutely beautiful. We installed a gazebo and some pergolas. The summer flowers are just so lovely to look at.

My husband, Michael, and I took our 6 children on our yacht today along the Hudson River. They had a grand ole time. Our youngest twins, Emmaline and Michael are only 4 months old but are such big, beautiful babies. Our twin boys, Laurence and Anthony were playing Captain America and other superhero characters. Frances was content talking to her American Girl dolls about everything she saw on the boat ride.

We had lunch on the yacht. My husband grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone. Of course I had to breastfeed Emmaline and Michael.

The weather was beautiful. Lovely summer breezes wafted inside.

My personal assistant, Matt, and my Aunt Romancita was with us as well.

When we got home we let the children watch all the Despicable Me movies on Blu-ray. I watched as well because I find those movies entertaining and hilarious.

Our farm is doing well. Also our other business ventures are doing well too. We’re about to open our first grand hotel in a neighboring town.

So that’s all for now.

Have a good one!

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