So the summer is about over and it’s back to school. I’m a kindergarten teacher and classes begin the middle of this week. This summer, my husband, Michael and I took our six children to our vacation home in Somerset, England. We traveled all over Great Britain and France and Monaco this summer with Frances, Laurence, Anthony, Leo, Emmaline, and Michael II. We got back to our farm in Sleepy Hollow, New York, last week.

During our stay in Europe, I did some artwork. Oil paintings mostly of the children playing in the beautiful, lush garden. I also took many professional photography shots of our family and of our travels. I studied Fine Art and Photography and have my Masters in Fine Art in both. I’ve already had my work in exhibit at galleries, mostly on the East Coast.

I’ll be taking back my psych patients tomorrow, on Monday. My fellow colleague, Trisha, sees my psych patients for the 3 months of summer vacation I go on every year. I actually give all my patients a 3 month supply of medication before I take off for vacation, but then instruct them to see Trisha if they need someone to talk to. Some patients I make it a mandatory instruction. I kept abreast of all my patients while I was on vacation. A few weren’t doing too well this summer. One had attempted suicide. Breakup with boyfriend.

Anyway, love and light to everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. It’s wonderful how fast federal aid has been in coming and set in motion.

So that’s all for now. I hope everyone had a great summer.

Love and Light

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