So the summer is about over and it’s back to school. I’m a kindergarten teacher and classes begin the middle of this week. This summer, my husband, Michael and I took our six children to our vacation home in Somerset, England. We traveled all over Great Britain and France and Monaco this summer with Frances, … More September


I spent most of the day working on my ginormous garden. It’s absolutely beautiful. We installed a gazebo and some pergolas. The summer flowers are just so lovely to look at. My husband, Michael, and I took our 6 children on our yacht today along the Hudson River. They had a grand ole time. Our … More Work

My Day

I finally purchased the right size for my Nook. I’m on vacation from work. Classes start in the beginning of September as well as I resume my appointments with psych patients. I took my children to Disney World and Universal studios this summer. My husband, Michael, and I went on a cruise throughout the 9 … More My Day

Update of sorts

I’ve been spending my time ruminating and reading. There’s just so many books to read. I’ll alternate between my kindle fire and nook I’ve read five books thus far. Life is rolling along. I don’t feel so bat shit crazy as I was previously. Safely the dangerous has passed. I’m considering lines of work, although … More Update of sorts


I just ordered the most expensive B&N Nook and cover. Excellent 🙂 It will arrive next week.


I ordered a new IPAD cover case and IPhone charger. Tomorrow I’m ordering the most expensive NOOK and cover. Watching cable all day is great. I’m usually watching the news. No, not CNN. hehe I do listen to music now and then. I’ll get the playstation, WII, and xbox next month. I love the lock … More Update

Verizon Cable

I have Verizon Cable in my room. Hooray. And I ordered an IPAD cover and scotch tape. I’m ordering a NOOK and NOOK cover next week. I’m getting a PlayStation, XBOX, and WII in the next two months. Emmaruth


I mentioned in my last post that my Rose Gold Premium IPAD arrived the other day. I have the complete Apple set. Apple IPhone, Rose Gold Series 2 Apple Watch, Premium Rose Gold IPad, 32GB Classic Apple IPod. I don’t own a MAC though. I prefer Windows. I have a 2 grand Laptop with ultimate … More Update

I’m single

I’m extremely young and single with no children. I love my life. I’m gorgeous, rich, and have a demanding career. If I want to date, I’ll get a dog. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHHAAHHHAHAHAAHAHAHHA My blogs were just learning tools for the unenlightened. But now that I’m the Champion, I don’t need them anymore. You’ll all see me soon … More I’m single