Sunday Update

Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning my room and setting up my huge flat screen TV and printer. My room is nice and tidy. I also have a sprocket printer for printing out photos and pictures from social media sites. Unfortunately I discovered that this Laptop doesn’t come with a CD rom but … More Sunday Update


So my Apple IPad and Apple Watch and Fitbit will be arriving late next week because they had to be restocked. That’s ok. I’m not in a rush. But my TV has arrived and it’s bigger than I expected. The 8-oulet extension cords arrive tomorrow. My two printers arrive on Monday. I clean my room … More TGIF


I’m purchasing a printer for my computer in about 3 to 4 hours. Excellent. So I don’t have to bother using my father’s printer 🙂 Excellent.

Making Progress

My IPad should arrive today or Friday. My expensive flat screen arrived today. But the extension cords don’t arrive until Friday. My apple watch and fitbit should arrive on Monday. I have my appointment to install the Premier ALL Channels Direct TV on Monday as well. I’m going to clean my room either Friday or … More Making Progress

More Purchases

In two days I’m purchasing an apple Iwatch and a fitbit. Excellent. My expensive flat screen TV will also arrive in two days. Unfortunately, the lock to my door won’t arrive until next Monday, Wednesday the latest. I walk with confidence and an air of I dare you to fuck with me and watch what … More More Purchases

Direct TV

My Direct TV account has been activated and I can watch and DVR shows and movies from ALL the channels. I subscribed to the ALL Channels bundle. This is wonderful I can watch television again. Excellent. I’m stoked. I’m not going to watch any TV right now. Later on. Tomorrow I have to clean my … More Direct TV

Progress Made

So My Premium Rose Gold IPad is on it’s way with data and sim card. Excellent. Also I got cable… Direct TV…for an awesome price with all the channels. I ordered a flat screen TV and extension cords that will be arriving tomorrow. I will now have a TV and cable in my own room. … More Progress Made